What should I do if I find an orphaned baby skunk wandering about.

A baby skunk is usually not larger than a small rodent such as a squirrel. They are generally black in color, with a white hairline running down from their head to the end of their tails. Many people, however, mistake baby skunks as squirrels. So in case you do find one, the first thing that you need to do is to ensure if it is a skunk after all. You may take the help of internet in this regard, and match any picture of a baby skunk that you find with the animal.

Normally, when Bellingham skunks are born, they are fully deaf and blind. Most baby skunks will not begin seeing and open their eyes until at least after three weeks of their birth. In case a baby skunk is wandering around, then it is likely that the skunk is at least one month old or more.

Without proper assistance, it is nearly impossible for a baby Bellingham skunk to survive out in the woods alone. So in case you find one wandering, it is more like a responsibility for you to ensure that the baby skunk survives until it is capable of taking its own care.

The first step would be to make sure that the baby Washington skunk has indeed been orphaned. In case there is a dead body or remains of a female skunk nearby, you can be very much sure that the baby skunk is orphaned. Usually, baby skunks simply wander far away from their nest and are not actually an orphan. So look around your area, and try to look for a nest. There is no way you would want to get attacked by an angry female skunk that deems you as a danger for the baby, in case it is nearby.

Once you are sure that helping the skunk out is the only option, then try to put it inside a box made out of cardboard bedded with a soft towel. Then, place the bedding in a warm room to prevent the skunk from catching A cold outside. In case there are no wildlife rehabilitators near your area, try making use of a warm Pedialyte solution to hydrate the skunk. However, do get some guidance before doing this.

As far as feeding the skunks goes, you must be very careful. Most of the food that is found inside the house can be quite harmful to a baby skunk. So you cannot just feed it anything that you wish. In this case, ask around or make use of the internet to figure out what it is that you can actually feed it for the time being.

Your best bet, however, would be to bring the baby skunk to a wildlife rehabilitation center that is the nearest to your area. In this regard, you can make use of the internet and the maps to find one out. Once you do, simply give them a call. It is likely that they may just show up at your house to collect the needy animal. This is because animals such as baby skunks need proper trained medical attention and care, unlike dogs and cats.

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