Can Strobing Lights or High Pitch Sound Deterrents Scare Rodents?

There is no doubt to say that Bellingham rodents are some of the most irritating creatures for homeowners in the United States. They keep on targeting human habitat to get some food and with time also prefer to develop a shelter in the premises. Rodents have bad chewing habits, and they can cause huge destruction to property within very less time. The terrible fact is that rodents are not harmful in terms of destruction only rather they also carry several dangerous disease viruses with them that can be transferred to the humans and pets around. It means, if you live in the rodent affected area, it is important to take appropriate steps to keep them out of the premises.

Reports say that Bellingham rodents can attack properties in suburban as well as urban areas. They take very less time to find a way to the attic and can build cozy nests by collecting some debris and leaves from outside. Rodents are often found to tear down attic insulation to build their nests where they can raise their babies with full comfort. Most human beings in the United States are in trouble due to rodent attacks because they cause million dollars loss within a few days.

Studies reveal that rodents prefer to create nests in the area that are close to the source of food and water. Some of the most commonly attacked areas are garages, attics, sheds, and few other dark corners of the buildings. Many people prefer to use home-based deterrents to get rid of rodents from their premises. But they are not always the most reliable option. The other solution in such situations is recommended as high pitch sound deterrents and strobing lights. You can easily find these machines in the local stores, and they are easier to install as well. But before you invest on them, it is important to collect information whether they can provide you desired results or not.

It is believed that the high pitch noise deterrent machines work on ultrasonic frequencies to scare rodents. Now the fact is that human ear cannot recognize such a high frequency and there is no other way for homeowners to identify if these machines are actually working or not. Moreover, even if they are working, rodents are trained enough to adapt to such changes in the environment. They will soon get normal with the noise produced by these machines.

Another commonly used option is strobing lights that are believed to scare the Washington rodents at night hours. Generally, rodents prefer to live in the darker corners of the house. If you install motion-sensitive strobe lights in the area, they are believed to follow the rodent a night-hours, so that it feels a sense of insecurity and think of moving away from your premises. But experts believe that rodents get addicted to these lights as well. In simple words, you cannot scare rodents easily from the area where they find enough sources of food and shelter. The best idea is to take help from professionals to execute extermination operation.

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